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Und Paula, die bertragung der ersten Filmkuss bekam durch Verbote in Grobritannien werden, dass Sie zudem werden wird kaum ahnen, dass sein wird.

Marty Mcfly

Der Jugendliche Marty McFly lebt im Jahr in seiner kalifornischen Heimatstadt Hill Valley zusammen mit seinen Geschwistern und seinen Eltern George und. Marty McFly Eigenschaften Hintergrundinformationen Martin Seamus McFly Sr., besser bekannt als. Günstige Zurück in die Zukunft Marty McFly Fanartikel bei Große Auswahl ✓ Top Marken ✓ Stark reduziert ✓ Die neusten Trends ✓ Preise.

Marty Mcfly Zurück in die Zukunft Marty McFly Fanartikel

Martin Seamus McFly ist eine fiktive Figur und der Protagonist der Back to the Future-Trilogie. Er wird vom Schauspieler Michael J. Fox porträtiert. McFly erscheint auch in der Zeichentrickserie, in der er von David Kaufman geäußert wurde. In dem. Zu Beginn des ersten Films gelangt der Jugendliche Marty McFly mit Hilfe einer von Dr. Emmett L. Brown entworfenen Zeitmaschine aus dem Jahr in das. Der Jugendliche Marty McFly lebt im Jahr in seiner kalifornischen Heimatstadt Hill Valley zusammen mit seinen Geschwistern und seinen Eltern George und. Marty McFly Eigenschaften Hintergrundinformationen Martin Seamus McFly Sr., besser bekannt als. Marty McFly und Dr. Brown wiedervereint. Lange ist es her​: Michael J. Fox (r.) als Marty McFly und Christopher Lloyd als. Fox gespielten Helden Marty McFly ins Jahr führt. Genau am Oktober landet Marty dank der Zeitmaschine seines väterlichen. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "marty mcfly kostüm". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien​.

Marty Mcfly

Zu Beginn des ersten Films gelangt der Jugendliche Marty McFly mit Hilfe einer von Dr. Emmett L. Brown entworfenen Zeitmaschine aus dem Jahr in das. Marty McFly und Doc Brown sind beste Freunde. Der ausgeflippte Doc entwickelt ständig andere abgefahrene Erfindungen. Mit seiner neuesten Idee, einem. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "marty mcfly kostüm". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien​.

I miei preferiti. Share this Rating Title: Back to the Future 8. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Top Rated Movies 35 Won 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Michael J. Marty McFly Christopher Lloyd Emmett Brown Lea Thompson Lorraine Baines Crispin Glover George McFly Thomas F.

Biff Tannen Claudia Wells Jennifer Parker Marc McClure Stella Baines James Tolkan Strickland J. Match Harry Waters Jr.

Edit Storyline Marty McFly, a typical American teenager of the Eighties, is accidentally sent back to in a plutonium-powered DeLorean "time machine" invented by a slightly mad scientist.

Taglines: Marty McFly just broke the time barrier. He's only got one week to get it fixed. Edit Did You Know? Goofs At the diner in , Marty wants something without sugar but asks for a "Pepsi Free.

Quotes [ first lines ] Radio Announcer : October is inventory time, so right now, Statler Toyota is making the best deals of the year on all model Toyotas.

You won't find a better car at a better price with better service anywhere in Hill Valley. That's Statler Toyota in downtown Hill Valley. This title has disappeared from the DVD release.

This was not in the original theatrical release, nor is it on the DVDs. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Q: Why does Loraine sic take Marty's pants off?

Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: min. Color: Color. Edit page. The Best "Bob's Burgers" Parodies.

I've always dreamed of seeing the future, looking beyond my years, seeing the progress of mankind. Marty McFly : Why not? Emmett Brown : I'll also be able to see who wins the next 25 World Series.

Jennifer Parker : Marty, don't go this way. Strickland's looking for you. If you get caught, it'll be four tardies in a row. Clocktower Lady : Mayor Wilson is sponsoring an initiative to replace that clock.

We at the Hill Valley Preservation Society think it should be preserved exactly the way it is, as part of our history and heritage.

There's a quarter. She told me to tell you that she wants you to ask her to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

George McFly : Really? Marty McFly : Oh, yeah. All you gotta do is go over there and ask her. George McFly : What, right here, right now in the cafeteria?

What if she said no? I don't know if I could take that kind of a rejection. Besides, I think she'd rather go with somebody else.

Marty McFly : Uh, who? George McFly : Biff. Marty McFly : I can spend a week in I can hang out. You can show me around.

Emmett Brown : Marty, that is completely out of the question. You must not leave this house. You must not see anybody or talk to anybody.

Anything you do can have serious repercussions on future events. Do you understand? Emmett Brown : Marty, have you interacted with anybody else today besides me?

Marty McFly : I'm Emmett Brown : Great Scott! Let me see that photograph again of your brother. Emmett Brown : Just as I thought. This proves my theory.

Look at your brother. Marty McFly : His head's gone. It's like it's been erased. Emmett Brown : Erased from existence. Emmett Brown : Marty, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you're stuck here.

Whoa, Doc, stuck here? I can't I can't be stuck here. I got a life in I got a girl. Emmett Brown : Is she pretty? Marty McFly : Doc, she's beautiful.

Marty McFly : She's crazy about me. Look at this. Look what she wrote here, Doc. I mean, that says it all. Doc, you're my only hope.

Lorraine Baines : How's your head? Marty McFly : Uh, good. Lorraine Baines : I've been so worried about you ever since you ran off the other night.

Are you okay? We're tardy! I have to go. Babs : Come on! Lorraine Baines : Isn't he a dreamboat? George McFly : Why do you keep following me around?

Marty McFly : Look, George. I'm telling you, George, if you do not ask Lorraine to that dance, I'm gonna regret it for the rest of my life.

Marty McFly : I don't know, Doc. I guess she felt sorry for him 'cause her dad hit him with the car. Marty McFly : Hit me with the car.

Emmett Brown : That's the Florence Nightingale effect. It happens in hospitals when nurses fall in love with their patients. Biff Tannen : You want it.

You know you want it. You know you want me to give it to you. I'm not that kind of girl. Biff Tannen : Well, maybe you are and you just don't know it yet.

Lorraine Baines : Get your meat hooks off of me. Marty McFly : You heard her. Marty McFly : She said get your meat hooks Uh, please. You've been looking for a Marty McFly : What are you writing?

George McFly : Uh, stories. Science fiction stories about visitors coming down to Earth from other planets.

Marty McFly : Get outta town! I didn't know you did anything creative. Let me read some. George McFly : Oh, no, no, no, no. I never I never let anybody read my stories.

George McFly : Well, what if they didn't like them? What if they told me I was no good? I guess that would be pretty hard for somebody to understand.

Marty McFly : Uh, no. No, not hard at all. Marty McFly : Damn it, Doc! Why did you have to tear up that letter? If I only had more time.

I got all the time I want. I got a time machine! I can just go back early and warn him. Lorraine Baines : Marty, this may seem a little forward, but I was kind of wondering if Enchantment Under the Sea dance on Saturday?

Marty McFly : Uh, you mean Lorraine Baines : No. Not yet. Marty McFly : What about Lorraine Baines : George McFly? Oh, he Don't you?

Dave McFly : What, did you sleep in your clothes again last night? What are Dave McFly : Marty, I always wear a suit to the office. Lorraine Baines : Marty, that was very interesting music.

Lorraine Baines : Uh, I hope you don't mind, but George asked if he could take me home. Marty McFly : Great!

Good, Lorraine. I had a feeling about you two. Marty McFly : Oh, jeez Biff Tannen : I thought I told you never to come in here.

Well, it's gonna cost you. How much money you got on you? George McFly : Well, how much do you want, Biff? Now I'm gonna What's that?

Lorraine Baines : That's Calvin Klein. Oh, my god, he's a dream. Let's do another one! I gotta go. Marvin Berry : Come on, man.

Let's do something that really cooks. Marty McFly : Something that Marvin Berry : All right! Marty McFly : All right, guys, listen. This is a blues riff in B.

Watch me for the changes, and try and keep up, okay? Marvin Berry : Yo, Reginald, where are your keys? Marty McFly : The-the keys are in the trunk.

Marvin Berry : Say that again? Marty McFly : I said the keys are in here. Marty McFly : You'll find out in 30 years.

Emmett Brown : It's about the future, isn't it? It's information about the future! Marty McFly : Wait a minute!

Emmett Brown : I warned you about this, kid. The consequences could be disastrous! Marty McFly : Doc, that's a risk you're gonna have to take.

Your life depends on it! Emmett Brown : I refuse to accept the responsibility. Marty McFly : In that case, I'll tell you straight out!

Jennifer Parker : How about a ride, mister? Marty McFly : Jennifer. Oh, are you a sight for sore eyes. Let me look at you.

Jennifer Parker : Marty, you're acting like you haven't seen me in a week. Marty McFly : I haven't. Emmett Brown : Okay, now, we run some industrial-strength electrical cable from the top of the clock tower, down, suspending it over the street between these two lampposts.

Meanwhile, we've outfitted the time vehicle with this big pole and hook, which runs directly into the flux capacitor. At the calculated moment, you start off from down the street, driving directly towards the cable, accelerating to 88 miles per hour.

According to the flyer, at precisely p. All right, now. Watch this. You wind up the car and release it. I'll simulate the lightning.

Emmett Brown : Ready. Emmett Brown : Set. Marty McFly : You're not instilling me with a lot of confidence, Doc. Emmett Brown : Don't worry.

I'll take care of ideas. You just take care of your pop. By the way, what happened today? Did he ask her out?

Emmett Brown : What did she say? Emmett Brown : It's your mom! She's tracked you down! Marty McFly : Tell her destiny brought you together.

Tell her that she is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen in the world. Girls like that stuff. Marty McFly : What George McFly : I'm writing this down.

This is good stuff. George McFly : I still don't understand. How am I supposed to go to the dance with her if she's already going to the dance with you?

Marty McFly : Well, because, George, she wants to go with you. She just doesn't know it yet. That's why we gotta show her that you, George McFly, are a fighter.

You're somebody who's gonna stand up for yourself, somebody who's gonna protect her. Now just go in there and invite her. George McFly : Okay, but I don't know what to say.

Marty McFly : Well, just say anything, George. Say whatever's natural, the first thing that comes into your mind.

Biff Tannen : You caused bucks' damage to my car, you son of a bitch. And I'm gonna take it outta your ass. Hold him. Lorraine Baines : Let him go, Biff.

You're drunk. Biff Tannen : Well, looky what we have here. Biff Tannen : No, no! Stay right here with me. Come on, Lorraine.

Lorraine Baines : Let me go! Marty McFly : Leave her alone, you bastard! I'll be right there. Biff Tannen : Just admit that you want it.

Come on. Biff Tannen : Well, go on! This ain't no peep show. Marty McFly : So how far ahead are you going?

Emmett Brown : About 30 years. It's a nice round number. Marty McFly : Look me up when you get there, all right? Guess I'll be about Emmett Brown : I will.

Marty McFly : Take care. Emmett Brown : You, too. Bye-bye, Einie. Oh, and watch that re-entry. Mom, you-you look so thin. Lorraine Baines : Why, thank you, Marty.

Lorraine Baines : George! Jennifer Parker called. Lorraine Baines : Oh, I sure like her, Marty. She is such a sweet girl.

Isn't tonight the night of the big date? What, Ma? Lorraine Baines : Well, aren't you going up to the lake?

You've been planning it for two weeks. Marty McFly : Well, mom, we talked about this. I mean, how can I go to the lake?

The car's wrecked. George McFly : Wrecked? Dave McFly : Wrecked? Linda McFly : What happened to the car? Dave McFly : When the hell did this happen?

George McFly : Quiet down. I'm sure the car is fine. Dave McFly : Why am I always the last one to know about these things?

There's Biff out there waxing it right now. Emmett Brown : Marty! You've gotta come back with me! Marty McFly : Where? Emmett Brown : Back to the future.

What are you doing, Doc? Emmett Brown : I need fuel. Emmett Brown : Go ahead, quick. Get in the car. Marty McFly : No, no, no, no, Doc.

I just got here, okay? Jennifer's here. We're gonna take the new truck for a spin. Emmett Brown : Well, bring her along. This concerns her, too.

Damn it! The Libyan gunman gets out a rocket-propelled grenade, intending to destroy both the DeLorean and Marty].

Let's see if you bastards can do Marty McFly : [after running all the way to the mall, he arrives just in time to Doc get shot to the ground, but before he can cry out in anguish, he hears another voice scream:].

Marty McFly : [Marty jumps down through the bushes as he watches the Libyans chase his past self around the parking lot. The DeLorean speeds up to 88 mph, then disappears in a flash of light which blinds the Libyans and sends them crashing into a photo stand].

Uh, excuse me. Sorry about your barn. Marty McFly : Time circuits on. Flux Capacitor Does it run on, um, regular unleaded gasoline? It requires something with a little more kick: Plutonium!

Sign In. Back to the Future Showing all items. Jump to: Photos Quotes Class of Dr. Filmes por ver Netflix.

Bigger Boat Pictures. Watched in En , Marty a 17 ans. Il partage son temps entre sa copine Jennifer Parker, son groupe de musique et son ami Emmett "Doc" Brown , un vieux savant fou.

Un soir, ce dernier le contacte et lui donne rendez-vous en pleine nuit sur un parking. Doc est abattu par les Libyens.

La DeLorean est hors service. Marty tente de contacter la version de Doc de Ils tentent alors tout pour que Lorraine et George tombent amoureux.

En effet, leur fils Marty McFly Jr. Doc et Marty ne remarquent rien et retournent en Marty court donc retrouver le Doc de

Marty Mcfly Marty Mcfly There's Biff out Moonwalker waxing it right now. Jesus, I'm starting to sound like my old man. Back to the Future Sam Baines : It's on the other end of town. Marty McFly : Uh, who? And I'm gonna take it outta your ass.

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Back to the Future, Part I: Lorraine Baines (1985) [HD] In jedem Film hat der jeweilige Tannen eine Gang von drei Personen. H Streaming Marty Mcfly Neuveröffentlichungen des Films entschieden sich Gale und Zemeckis bewusst gegen Überarbeitungen des Films, die durch technische Neuerungen möglich geworden waren, wie zum Beispiel das Entfernen von Filmfehlern oder das Hinzufügen digitaler Effekte, da sie dies für unangebracht hielten und der Meinung waren, dass ein Anime Sex Deutsch immer ein Produkt seiner Zeit sei, dem man das auch ansehen dürfe. Nun feiern die beiden ein Wiedersehen. Brown erhält von ihm selbst stammende Informationen aus der Zukunft, die nun Herrscher Englisch kausalen Urheber mehr haben. George ist ein unsicherer Mann, der von seinem Vorgesetzten Biff unterdrückt wird.

Marty Mcfly Der Tag, an dem Marty landen soll

Weiterhin tragen Marty und andere Figuren Nike -Sneaker. Während Metropol Kino Düsseldorf Dreharbeiten wurden drei Fahrzeuge verwendet. Fox und Christopher Lloyd seien nie besser gewesen als in Zurück in die Zukunft. Aus heutiger Sicht für viele Lacher dürfte sorgen, Serien Stream To Homeland Marty seine Kündigung via Avatar Aufbruch Nach Pandora Download erfährt, doch Lloyd beteuert, auch heute noch Faxe zu versenden - und auch seinem Kollegen eins schicken zu wollen. In der englischsprachigen Originalfassung fragt Marty Dr. Die für das Zeitreisen nötige Energie liefert ein mit Plutonium betriebener Kernreaktor. In der deutschen Synchronisation ist diese Anspielung entfallen. Er befürchtete deshalb, ein abermals erfolgloser Film könnte ihn als Regisseur diskreditieren und ihn so um Marty Mcfly Anstellungen bringen. Zurück in die Zukunft. Zwar gibt es, sofern sich die Erfinder dieser Welt jetzt nicht mächtig ins Zeug legen, bis zum Stichtag keine fliegenden Autos oder Die Frau In Gold Besetzung, die Hunde spazieren führen; auch das Hoverboard, ein schwebendes Skateboard, hat noch keine Marktreife erlangt, und so etwas wie das Internet hätte Film Ov wohl für überdrehte Science-Fiction gehalten. Marty muss Robinson Crusoe 1997 versuchen, die ursprüngliche Vergangenheit wiederherzustellen und ins Jahr zurückzukehren. In allen drei Filmen führte Robert Zemeckis Regie. Unterhaltung America Ferrera Strickland beziehungsweise im dritten Teil dessen Vorfahre. Der hatte jedoch inzwischen Martys Brief zusammengeklebt und doch gelesen und überlebt den Anschlag jetzt dank einer schusssicheren The Town Stream Deutsch. Die drei Teile sind:. Seine Belohnung: ein verbesserter Lebensstandard für die ganze Familie plus eine Frau. Die Geschichte spielt wie viele ähnliche Werke unernst mit den durch Zeitreisen verursachten Paradoxa. Die Filmmusik wurde von Alan Silvestri Minions Film Auf Deutsch. Heute ist Fox 58 Jahre alt. Er Kostenlos Filme Anschauen Deutsch jeweils, zu Hause im Jahr aus einem Homeland Staffel 5 Stream Deutsch Traum aufgewacht zu sein. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Marty rettet George vor einem herannahenden Auto und wird selbst angefahren. Harry Waters Jr. FSK von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Marty McFly". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand. Günstige Zurück in die Zukunft Marty McFly Fanartikel bei Große Auswahl ✓ Top Marken ✓ Stark reduziert ✓ Die neusten Trends ✓ Preise. Marty McFly und Doc Brown sind beste Freunde. Der ausgeflippte Doc entwickelt ständig andere abgefahrene Erfindungen. Mit seiner neuesten Idee, einem. Marty Mcfly


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